Power Assist Cart

Power Assist Side-by-Side Medication Cart


provides a unique
ergonomic layout that
maximizes storage
and organization.


lock option

SECURE, lockable
narcotic drawers
conveniently placed
at waist height.

The NEW Canada MedCart Power-Assist Side-by-Side Medication Cart is a safe, power driven, heavy-duty medical cart that can accomodate weight capacities of up to 330 lbs (150 kg). Ergonomic hand controls provide the user with variable speed control in both forward and reverse. In forward from 0-2.5 mph (approx. 4 km) in fast mode or 0-1.25 mph (approx 2 km) in slow mode and in reverse mode from 0-0.9 mph (approx. 1.5 km).

Our motorized castor has a specifcally designed shock absorber that can adapt to ramps and uneven ground and with features like a keyed power on/off, direction and battery charge level indicators and safety brake our medical cart is designed for pulling or pushing heavy loads.

Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications

ReplacemenT Parts
& Accessories

Quick adjust rails provide easy installation of accessories and improved flexibility for custom configuration. Available accessories include a height adjustable, ergonomic push handle, waste container, three-section cup and straw holder, an eMAR screen holder, and sharps side rail adapter.